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Project Photos Burma

Orphants Home in Loimwe

These pictures where taken on the last visit of Stefan and Marivic Spiecker in November 2007

On the way up to Loimwe

Happy Arrival

Sister Marcellina and the maid

Visit of the new kitchen house

These are the smallest of the 50 children who live here

The convent is mostly independant due to their own agriculture

Wir sind immer wieder gerne hier

Construction of a new house for sleeping, school classes and room for vistors

We cannot finance new houses but we help to maintain the existing ones

The three "Managers" of the Convent

Donation of new school materials

With 400 Euro we support the renovation of the houses in Loimwe





Leprosy Colony

St. Theresa's Convent

Loimwe Orphants Home