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Latest Activities (since May 2006)

December 2007: A German Newspaper reports about Terra Humana


November 2007: Project Visit of Stefan Spiecker in Thailand and Burma with 2000 Euro for Keng Tung und Loimwe Projects (Birma)

Togehter with his wife Stefan Spiecker travelled for three weeks into the region to get an actual overview about the project status and to plan future activities. He met lots of people and strengten the network to the responsible persons in every project. The money was used for a new house construction in the Leprosy Colony, for school materials and furniture and for house repair.



October 2007:
Stefan Spiecker visits Mae Sai (Thailand) and starts with a first instruction of the new Heidelberg Printing Press
Beside his specific knowledge from being a printer he organised a comprehensive collection of training material for the new students. The material is coming from the well known Print Media Academy in Heidelberg.
In 2008 the project will be visited for about three months by a Proffessional from the Senior Expert Service (SES). He will also work on a voluntary basis to run the first printers course in Mae Sai.



August 2007:
Official Donation of the Printing Press

After the technicians installed the press, Rene Ludvigsen from Heidelberg Thailand came to Mae Sai to make the donation perfect. Thomas Albrecht from our partner charity Hope for Life received the trophy on a sunny and very hot day in Mae Sai. Thank you very much to Rene and the whole team from Heidelberg Thailand! Great job!


May 2007: Official Opening of the House of Confidence

The building is now ready for use. We host now 21 girls here. Photos can be seen in the sections Project Photos Burma.


April 2007: Collection of Donations with a Climbing Youth Group

A youth group from the German Alpine Club supported us in Heidelberg. Instead of going climbing they collected 180 Euro in less than two hours for us. Big big THANK YOU!!!


February 2007: 1000 Euro Donation for the House of Confidence

With 1000 Euro we support the construction of this new institution in the Golden Traingle which will be managed by Hope for Life.

January 2007: Rport from Andreas Kahlos visit in Burma is now online (only german)

Reisebericht Lepra Kolonie

December 2006: Christmas Greetings from the kids in Mae Sai / Thailand


Click here to download the file

December 2006: New Project Scholarships arranged

Two new scholarhips for girls in the House of Confidence are done. With only 10 Euro per month we can make sure to give them good food, accomodation and education. A great investment in their future!

October / November 2006: Project Visit in the Leprosy Colony

One of our sponsors went to Burma to see the Leprosy Colony. His visit was very helpful for us. More about it in January...

August 2006: Opening of an emergency shelter for child prostitutes

We support this shelter with 500 Euro and we hope that more donations can be raised up to help these girls out of the devils circle of child prostitution.

Juny 2006

400 Euro Donation for the child prostitutes shelter coming from a slide show presentation in Heidelberg


May 2006

Norbert Nösing returns from his visit in Nepal. Some school scholarships and school materials could be arranged.The cooperation with the local NGO works fine and we will finance a free doctors visit to a remote village in the Kathmandu valley.

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