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Warmly Welcome with Terra Humana!

We are a small German based NGO and our goal is to support social projects in North-Thailand, Burma and in Nepal. We founded this charity after a long journey through Asia. The heartful attitude of it's people impressed us again and again. But quite often the essentails needs can only be fulfilled with the help of others. We realised how much we can do with a relatively little amount of money. It is possible to give poor people a startup help so that they have a better chance to support their families later. And it is the good feeling to share some of my salary for a real good purpose which gives everybody from our charity the power to keep on going day by day...

Our goals
We invest in social institutions, education and take care of poor families. The personal contact and the transparency of our activities are very important for us. Trustworthy local people are helping us where ever they can. We concentrate our activities only on a few projects which we know well, in order to support them very efficiently. This offers you the possibility to know the people better or maybe get in touch with them one day as well.

Our projects will receive the full amount of your financial help, because we work on purely voluntary basis. Every help will make a change! To see our latest activities please have a look to News

With best regards
Norbert Nösing & Stefan Spiecker