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Project Photos Burma

Leprosy Colony Naung Khan near Kengtung

These pictures where taken on the last visit of Stefan and Marivic Spiecker in November 2007

The gate into a different world

Two women in the Colony

The descendants from the leprosy people live also in Naung Khan

A sister visits an old woman

These three sisters manage the colony in Naung Khan


The women sector

Stefan Spiecker with two sisters

The people cook for themselves and keep a bit independance

Marivic Spiecker talks to an old lady who got blind two years ago


Village development around Kengtung

Thomas Albrecht visited on his last journey to Kengtung also some remote villages on the way to China. The people live under miserable conditions and they don't even have enough land for their own agriculture. In the future we want to help them to get more land for their villages

Many houses are very small and very dark inside

A whole family has to live here

The children don't get enough food




Leprosy Colony

St. Theresa's Convent

Loimwe Orphants Home