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Since Norbert Nösing visited Nepal in 2002 the first time he kept his contacts upright. His business is to trade with handmade paper products and other fair trade goods. With this job he got in touch with a lot of people in the Kathmandu Valley and also with an NGO in Kathmandu. His idea was always to share some of his income with poor people there. In 2004 he raised up a charity called "Chance for Nepal" and this was the start of frequent support for some poor villages. Once a year he is going for a business trip to Nepal which is a great chance for him to check also the status of our projects there. In 2006 he decided to work together with his friend Stefan Spiecker who wanted to found a charity for Burma and Thailand. Terra Humana was born.

Our support is given to very poor families in some remote villages in the Kathmandu Valley, to public schools with new school materials and to the NGO "Save the World Nepal". This NGO runs also health camps for village people. A doctor is sponsored by the NGO to spent a whole weekend in some villages and give poor and sick people free medical care.



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