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Birma (Myanmar)

Naung Khan Leprosy Colony near Keng Tung
Around 600 people live in this isolated community away from the city. The Sisters of Charity manage this project and they take care of the last 21 Leprosy Patients who have been cured but who are still effected by the loose of fingers, feet and hands. The other people in the community had anchestors with leprosy and they manage their life within the community. Their children go to school in the communtiy and step by step they also join the normal city life in Keng Tung. In addition to this the Sisters host also orphant children and six widdows from remote hilltribe villages.


St. Theresa's Convent in Keng Tung
The Sisters of Charity are very active in this region. The smallest location is this little convent with only 19 children and some very small school facilities. We are very impressed from this heartful and home like atmosphere in this convent and we also see their needs. Some school classes have to be held on the floor because there is too less furniture, some beds are very much run down and the roof also needs to be repaired.


Christian Orphants Home in Loimwe
This remote place is about two hours up in the mountains from Keng Tung. It is also managed by the Sisters of Charity and they host only children from the hilltribe villages. Thanks to some great help from the Lions Club in Switzerland and an NGO in Japan we can reduce our sponsoring here. The convent is running pretty good and we are very happy about it.

Home for handicapped people in Taunggy
Far away from Keng Tung but close to the famous Inle Lake there is another spot from the Sisters of Charity. They have mainly handicapped children and adults in this place. A support of this project is difficult because it is not easy to reach and to contact. We would like to send a doctor to this place in order to check the people and to educate the Sisters. If you want to know more about this project please contact our member Silvia Heigl (++41 552126287) directly.


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