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Project Sponsoring

This is a very personal way of helping us. With a symbolized scholarship you can get in personal touch with one of our children. You can follow his or her progress, know the friends and be a good partner for the child. The children are all very proud if they can say that they have a foreigner as their friend.
Starting from only 10 Euro per month this vision can become reality. With this amount we can guarantee accomodation and proper food for one month. To cover the costs of education and medical care another 10 Euros would be necessary. In fact your money will be used for the whole project so that every child can benefit from it. Otherwise we would create a two class system with greed in our homes. The children are coming from the Golden Triangle Region and it's remote hilltribe villages. If you wish to visit your sponsored child you just need to contact us and we will arrange everything for you. Some kids without a sponsor are listed below. More you can find our partner website at Patenkids e.V. Madlen Schwehr is taking care of the scholarships and she is pleased to answer your questions.

Long, 7 years


Mi Ceu, 13 years

Mata, 12 years

Mi Ya , 13 years

Bu So , 14 years

Alio, 10 years

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