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Postcards & Calendars

We offer you also some very creative products which give a lot of happiness to you or to your friends and family. The profit from the sales will be used 100% for our projects!

The Postcard Set

With 10 creative cards and images from all over the world. Every card has a poem in German. This is Top Quality from Terra Natura. The whole set costs 12 Euro. To order please send us an E-Mail - Kontakt


Calendar 2008

Made out of handmade Loktha paper from Nepal! The attached pictures can be used as postcards as well. This great piece of handicraft costs 25 Euro. To order please send us an E-Mail - Kontakt

Stupa von Bouddha


Langtang Lirung

Im Kopan Kloster

Schulkinder in Kathmandu

Ein Träger im Langtang

Langshisa Ri

Kinder in Bhaktapur

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Postcards and Calendar